All-Natural Immune Boosters

It’s official: Everybody is sick. And in the midst of all the flu, pneumonia, and other grossness being spread around, isn’t it funny how some people just never end up sick, while others get it all the time?

I used to be the person who got sick. Not a ton, but at least once a year with something. But in the past 2-3 years, I’ve taken a new approach, and it’s working- at least for me. I wanted to share with you the things that I do to keep from getting sick, and if I do get sick on a rare occasion, how I kick it to the curb as quickly as possible.

1. Kick Up Your Nutrition

This is a no-brainer, but one that is so easy to skip over! Whether you are sick or not, your body has certain requirements to keep things running as usual. These requirements include, but aren’t limited to, things like caloric intake, vitamins and minerals, activity vs. rest time, etc.

When these requirements aren’t being met, the body isn’t able to combat and pathogens it comes into contact with. However, if your body is strong in these areas and not lacking, there is a good chance you won’t ever know that you were in contact with it at all.

If you’re feeling run-down and like you’re in the beginning stages of getting sick, it’s not too late! Make an effort to eat nutrient-dense foods, cut out processed and refined sugars, and rest as much as possible. Below are some of my favorite nutrient-dense additions:

  • Shakeology. I, personally, choose to use this daily to keep my body well-fed and to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements I need in my diet- because, let’s be honest, I’m not taking the time out of my day to track it otherwise. You can see the ingredient lists and nutritional values here when you choose a specific flavor.
  • Adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs that help the body adapt to stressors (thanks for the definition, Google!) I get mine primarily in two different ways- through Shakeology and herbs I use in cooking. While these are my two main choices, you can research specific adaptogens and buy them individually in capsules or tinctures, cook with them, etc.
    Further Information: Aviva Romm’s Adaptogen Podcast and Resources
  • Bone Broth. I am PASSIONATE about this stuff! It turns out that grandma really knew what she was talking about when she said to drink chicken broth if you were feeling sick! This is another thing I stumbled upon on accident. Quick story:
    I am a person who doesn’t like to waste, and subsequently, I like to use the whole animal instead of just a few parts. We had begun buying whole chickens to cook and I didn’t like the concept of throwing the bones away. A quick google search led me to making stock. I began saving veggie scraps, too, to throw in the pot when I made my broth. A few months later we were in the car and the radio hosts were talking about the nutrient density of bone broth. Taylor said to me, “Hey! We should get some of that and try it!” It was only then that I realized bone broth is what I had really been making all along. It has since become a staple in our home and I love incorporating it into foods we eat in place of store-bought, sodium-filled stock, plus you’ll always know the quality and source of your own broth!
    Further Information: Aviva Romm’s Bone Broth Podcast and Resources, How to Make Bone Broth, and Underground Wellness’ Bone Broth Podcast.
  • Old Fasion Fruits and Veggies! These need no explanation- just choose your favorites and have at it! My personal favorites are carrots, cucumbers, mixed green salads, peaches, pineapples, and bananas, but you can choose whichever you please! You can also blend them into shakes and smoothies, which is how I get about a cup each of my fruits and vegetables daily.

2. Essential Oils

These are life savers! As someone who hates taking medicine, I’ll turn to these babies first for my health concerns. Make sure to use high-quality oils and don’t go overboard- just a few drops can pack a serious punch! Some of my favorite ways to use them are below, but a quick google search will give you tons of ideas!

  • Bath Bombs. I found a specific recipe on Pinterest for my bath bombs, which I haven’t been able to find yet again, but there are tons to pick from when you search for it! You can always use different oils to customize them to your needs, but I find eucalyptus and peppermint to be an awesome combo for clearing up congestion.
  • Diffuser/Humidifier. Use just a few drops of oil and you’ll be breathing it in all the time! If you like aromatherapy, it also works well for that purpose. My favorite oil to use is lemon. It smells like candy and works wonders for my seasonal allergies.
  • Topical Use. This was my first intro to essential oils. I would just use a drop or two of peppermint rubbed into my temples for fighting off headaches and migraines, and now I use lemon on my neck and below my nose for allergies.
  • Nasal Inhalers. The same concept as the diffuser- breathing it in. You can use a few drops of oil on a piece of cotton and breathe it in as often as you need. You can also buy the empty tubes from Amazon so you can customize it and carry it with you all the time. I keep one by my bed and one in my purse.

4. Hydrate

Water is always a great option, but there are lots of others as well. I know that when I don’t feel well, I don’t want to drink water, so some other ideas are coconut water, broth, and juice (in moderation). I also make popsicles with fruit, juice, and coconut milk or water to help me stay hydrated and coat a sore throat, if that’s what I’m dealing with.

5. Pure Pampering and Just for Comfort

TLC. Rest, relax, take long baths, and read a good book. Your body fights off illness best when it’s not busy with other things, especially stress, so focusing on nothing else can be super helpful!


Well, those are my five main tips for fighting off illness or keeping it away! Do you have other natural solutions that you like to use when you’re sick or feel some sickness coming on? Share in the comments, I’d love to discuss!


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